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During this course the learner will acquire the necessary language skills and vocabulary to successfully understand oral and written messages of an intermediate complexity in English.  This course provides opportunities for the learner to respond professionally to the language used in familiar situations by guests, customers and suppliers to the tourist service by attending satisfactorily to the needs they have.  Throughout the course, the learner will come across very many real situations. In these situations the learner has to interpret the communicative aims of the writers and numerous interlocutors to effectively deal with what occurs.  These tourist sector clients and customers write, appear in person and speak by phone and the learner has to respond to each situation by using the phone, the fax, booking forms, contracts, customer satisfaction surveys and email appropriately.  By the end of this course, the learner will be able to fluently express themselves with customers and suppliers at an intermediate level in a way fitting that of a tourist industry professional in the following areas: customer service and attention, working with travel agencies, tourist information offices, transport suppliers, contingency and emergency resolutions, tourist product offers and solving complaints.


Inglés Profesional para Turismo


Commercial and administrative management of tourist services in English. (Part 1)

Guests and Tourists I

Guests and Tourists II

Receptionists & Hotel Workers I

Receptionists & Hotel Workers II

Hotel Services I

Hotel Services II

Customer service and satisfaction I

Customer service and satisfaction II

Checking into a hotel

The Hotel. You've got mail

Organising a convention

Course test 1


Presentation of tourist information in English. (Part 2)

Negotiating Contracts for Online Provision I

Negotiating Contracts for Online Provision II

Giving Information to Tourists about Environmental Practice & Legislation I

Giving Information to Tourists about Environmental Practice & Legislation II

Formal Writing Practice. Arranging a Meeting

Formal Writing Practice. Agreeing Contract Details

Everyday Communication in a Tourist Establishment

Service Experience at The Highland Parks Hotel

Dealing with an Accident & Insurance Claim I

Dealing with an Accident & Insurance Claim II

Food & Beverage Suppliers

Problems with Delivery Suppliers

Channel Dexway

Course test 2


Tourist customer service in English. (Part 3)

Vocabulary for a Tourist I

Vocabulary for a Tourist II

Crew Members and Security I

Crew Members and Security II

Departures, Arrivals & Useful Terms I

Departures, Arrivals & Useful Terms II

Nautical Terminology I

Nautical Terminology II

Information Desk

Booking A Railway Ticket For Advance Travel From An Agency

An Agency With A Problem And Reporting Lost Property To A Station Guard

Tourist customer service - Channel Dexway

Tourist customer service - Course test 3

Course summary test

Duración: 90 horas
Inicio: 14/07/2017
Fin: 14/09/2017

Matrícula 07/07/2017
Dirigido a: Universal
Área: Idiomas
Subárea: Inglés
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